I was never one for exercise. I could safely say that I was a big couch potato. Eighteen years ago, I was content with sitting down and reading a book or watching television series through my computer. I was not a big fan of any physical activity that is until I found yoga.

One of my best friend’s sister is a yoga instructor. One day, I decided to tag along to one of their sessions. I was trying to find something new to do with my monotonous lifestyle. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

Yoga brought peace to my life. There is a certain calmness after every session. Besides emotional and mental benefits, I have also gained physical benefits throughout my continuous practice namely flexibility, less body pain and toned muscles. Yes, readers, yoga has given me a very fit body! Through yoga, I also gained the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym at least once a week and eating balanced meals every day.

Yoga is a very promising practice that one should experience at least once!

Image(That’s me with the pink shorts at the event, FLOW in the city.)


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