The Lantau Island Adventure

It was a gloomy day when I arrived in Hong Kong for the HK Art Fair 2012. Dread filled me when I realized I might not be able to go around the city since it kept on raining. Thankfully, on the third day,the sun finally came out! Deciding to make the most out of the good weather, I opted to go to Lantau island.

It’s the largest island in Hong Kong. Here you’ll find the giant Buddha, reminiscent of the Buddha in Kamakura, Japan. You’ll also be able to enjoy the Ngong Ping Cable Car with its glass bottom as well as visit the Po Lin Monastery.

Personally, I’m a big pussy so I didn’t try the glass bottomed cable car and just went with the regular one.  On the way, I managed to see some hikers going through a walking trail to the monastery. Maybe next time I go there, I’ll try to hike instead. The hiking trail seems worth it seeing as there were a lot of small waterfalls and floras from my view at the top.

Around the area, you’ll be able to shop for a few souvenirs. I bought some postcards so I can send them to my friends at Postcrossing. If you happen to be a big foodie, don’t worry! This place has a lot of restaurants. From what I can remember, they even have Starbucks (which a was a very good thing for a coffee addict like me)!

If you want to visit, it’s fairly easy to get to this place. You can take the metro to Tung Chung station using the Disney Resort line. From the station, you have a choice of using the cable car or the bus (Ngong Ping no. 23). The bus takes about 50 minutes while the cable car takes around 25 minutes (though you have to wait in line so more or less, they take the same time). This is definitely one of my favorite tourist places in Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “The Lantau Island Adventure

  1. Very nice pics indeed.Lucky you, you got to take the cable car! Every time we go up there we have taken the bus beausce my mom is too afraid to that the 360 with me she\’s heard too many horror stories about people being trapped and even the falling cart. I want to take it since it\’s considerably cuts down travel time and you get to see everything from above! I\’ve never seen the haze that bad before in HK I suppose beausce most of the time we go during December-January when the climate and smog isn\’t as bad. Only a few more months away before I get to enjoy the same scenery!

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