Knock and I might offer you a cup.

429245_10151260241334282_212444690_nSitting in school, watching people go about their life sipping their coffee, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander. The thought of love has always crossed my mind. I was never really sure what type of relationship I wanted in life.

Do I want a serious relationship or am I content with a series of meaningless flings?

I know that it’s always the fear of going through the pain that accompanies love that keeps me from opening my heart to someone new. Yes, you can knock. I might even ask you in for a cup of tea. But you will never stay, for as soon as you sip the last of your cup, I will not offer you another.

After my heart got broken, I started believing that there are more important things than love. Whenever someone talks about love, they mostly only talk about the happy things; the romance, the surprises, the gifts. Frankly, not all love is created equal. Some love saves people. Some creates their happiness. Some love inspire. And yet, you can love someone deeply and endanger their lives. Hurt them. Make a fool of them or even cause them to believe things that they would have never believed outside of your influence. That is why love is the last thing I value in a relationship because it is the first thing to fade.

And yet, with these things in mind, here I am, confused. Denying any indication that I’m in love because while love can give you all the joys of life, it can also destroy you.

What is going to be left of me if I fall?


3 thoughts on “Knock and I might offer you a cup.

  1. I drove my friends nuts with that question for many years 🙂 How will I know, is this one the right one? Am I serious relationship material? 🙂 The answer was always the same: You’ll know, follow your hart. 🙂 And it is so true 🙂
    You just haven’t med the right one. Till then enjoy every minute!!

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