What if?

People come and go. Sometimes, they choose to walk out of your life. Sometimes, it’s you who walk out of theirs. But there will always be people who you would never forget. These are the people you shared something special with. Someone who you will always care for.

Your first kiss, your first love, the guy who used to be there for you all the time.. The one that got away.

Everything was great. You thought you were both perfect but then you realize, something just wasn’t right.

Maybe it was because you both weren’t ready because if you are not ready, it doesn’t matter who you’re with. It just doesn’t work out. Little problems become so big. It’s pathetic how you reacted to it when you look back.

But then one day, you’re ready and maybe he’s ready too. That day comes.. The day when you’re sure and you know. You’re probably a different person now and he might be too. You finally understand who you are and what you want. Then you think about him.. The one that got away. You think about him and you wonder, “What if?”

What if you’re both single? What do you do?

Will you find him?


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