Team Aurora “Save the Arctic”

Global Warming has been an increasing problem on Earth primarily due to the emission of greenhouse gases. Over the years, numerous movements have been introduced to increase awareness throughout the world by encouraging people to curb practices that contribute to this climate change.

“Save the Arctic North Pole Expedition” headed by Greenpeace, is one of the newest campaigns to further this cause. Four young people, supported by guides, will embark on a journey to the North Pole this April. They will attempt to lower a capsule containing signatures of more than three million supporters, topped with a flag that symbolizes global unity.

North Pole Expedition Preparation

These four young people include:

Josefina Skerk, an active member in sami politics, she strives to work on the rights of the indigenous children to their language.

Renny Bijoux, not only a silver-medalist in the Indian Ocean island games, he is also a youth ambassador that is passionate about our environment.

Kiera Kolson, an artist and a motivational speaker, she aims to protect her culture and identity as well as empower the future generations through her work.

Ezra Miller, an activist, actor and musician most known for his role as Patrick in the movie, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. He is the youngest member of Team Aurora.

And while I don’t see much significance from lowering down a capsule full of names to combating Global Warming (except maybe for increasing awareness and ultimately encouraging other people to fight against powerful industrial companies who are ruining our planet), please do support the movement and donate.

To learn more about this movement, visit “Save the Arctic” at Greenpeace.

Also, take the time to watch this informational video (in which Ezra Miller looks as sexy as usual).


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