What exactly are QR codes?

For my information management and social media class, I was tasked of writing about QR codes. I thought this would be a great way of incorporating it by placing a QR code on my paper and redirecting it to my blog.

QR Codes®

What is a QR code and who created it?

Denso is a global automotive company in Japan known for creating the QR code, “a two dimensional quick response matrix code that is able to hold up larger amounts of data in smaller space” (Denso, 2011). This code is similar to a barcode in a way that it holds information that can be interpreted by a computer with it being able to be read in any direction. It was introduced in 1994 and was first used for the automotive industry in Japan. Nowadays, it is also used in mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

Who uses it? When and how is it used?

In this day and age, the QR code is used in many industries namely transportation, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality and others. Below are some companies who use this technology and how they use it. It should be noted that even civilians are able to generate this code using websites such as QR stuff or QR kaywa for their own purposes. They may be able to use it to link to their social media platforms, create messages and show contact information.

Delta Airlines and United Airlines both use the QR codes for mobile boarding passes.

McDonald’s in Japan puts QR Codes on the side of burger boxes to embed nutritional information. Mirage Hotel and Casino uses QR Codes in their advertising on signage around Las Vegas. Consumers are led to a page where they receive $3 off admission to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat.

Calvin Klein, Best Buy and BMW use QR Codes to push product info and specials.

How does it fail and what can one do to prevent it?

QR codes are failed to be used effectively when there is no built in tracking information, the information shown is not mobile friendly and there is no strong internet or WIFI reception in the vicinity of the QR code. It is important for companies to track how many codes are scanned in order to discover how effective their campaign is. Also, since most QR codes are scanned by mobiles, it is essential that all information presented are easily seen in these types of devices. Lastly, none of the consumers would be able to interact with the QR code if they cannot even receive it because there is no internet in the location so a strong internet signal is a must.

What are advantages and disadvantages of using this technology in the hospitality industry?

• It can be read by a variety of devices.
• It is easier for guests to use this code for storing data such as reservations.
• It is easy to embed in printed material.

• Should be assumed that not a lot of people know how it works and what it does.
• Would only be beneficial to people who have the devices and programs that can read the codes.

How can it be effectively used in hotels and restaurants?

• Incorporate social media platform links to QR codes.
• Use the code for confirming reservations.
• Create a code for information regarding the property like maps, amenities, contact information, etc.
• Have a fun marketing campaign wherein guests would be able to get discounts.

Does it add value to the company?

In essence, it does not hurt to offer this to consumers. For example, in the airline industry, it is handy to have the QR code as a boarding pass for it saves paper, always ready to be shown and makes the booking process easier with everything being able to be done on the phone. It also bridges offline and online marketing.

I did not include my references here because of formatting but please note that some of this information has been summarized and paraphrased.



My first blog giveaway!

Hello, my lovely readers! To commemorate my happiness about the weather, I have decided to host my first giveaway! I have decided on giving one lucky winner an amazing printed body-con dress from Nasty Gal which is worth $48.


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Team Aurora “Save the Arctic”

Global Warming has been an increasing problem on Earth primarily due to the emission of greenhouse gases. Over the years, numerous movements have been introduced to increase awareness throughout the world by encouraging people to curb practices that contribute to this climate change.

“Save the Arctic North Pole Expedition” headed by Greenpeace, is one of the newest campaigns to further this cause. Four young people, supported by guides, will embark on a journey to the North Pole this April. They will attempt to lower a capsule containing signatures of more than three million supporters, topped with a flag that symbolizes global unity.

North Pole Expedition Preparation

These four young people include:

Josefina Skerk, an active member in sami politics, she strives to work on the rights of the indigenous children to their language.

Renny Bijoux, not only a silver-medalist in the Indian Ocean island games, he is also a youth ambassador that is passionate about our environment.

Kiera Kolson, an artist and a motivational speaker, she aims to protect her culture and identity as well as empower the future generations through her work.

Ezra Miller, an activist, actor and musician most known for his role as Patrick in the movie, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. He is the youngest member of Team Aurora.

And while I don’t see much significance from lowering down a capsule full of names to combating Global Warming (except maybe for increasing awareness and ultimately encouraging other people to fight against powerful industrial companies who are ruining our planet), please do support the movement and donate.

To learn more about this movement, visit “Save the Arctic” at Greenpeace.

Also, take the time to watch this informational video (in which Ezra Miller looks as sexy as usual).

How to open a beer bottle with your teeth.

When you get older and start your career, you’re reminded to remove some of the inappropriate things you threw out into the wide web world. So today, I started rummaging through all my social media accounts to delete some of those stuff. While doing that, I found this little video I made a few months ago.

I’m pretty proud of this one. If you want to know how to open a beer bottle with your teeth (which my friend Glen does a lot), check out this video.

She said, “I think I’ll go to Boston”.

Don’t you have those days where you just want to get away from your uninteresting life and get lost in the world? You buy a bus ticket, pack your bags and then leave, hoping for an adventure. I was ready to do just that when all my plans came crashing down. I don’t like being disappointed and yet, I learned that it’s an inevitable point in life. I stayed up all night disillusioned, imagining what could have been. It was pathetic but when things don’t go your way, what else can you do?

Well, after all the things I tried last night to get over my frustration, I decided to compile a list.

1. Take out your anger on something not someone.


There’s nothing more polluting in this world than negative energy so don’t throw that into the universe. If you feel sad or angry or even irritated, sometimes squeezing a stress ball helps. I usually just smother my face with a pillow and yell. It works. The good thing is that I let out whatever I’m feeling without hurting anyone in the process.

2. Listen to Billy Joel’s Piano Man and then make love with your tonic and gin.

There’s nothing better than letting yourself get lost in the music with a drink in your hand. What better song to accompany the feeling of vulnerability than a ballad like the “Piano Man”. The carefree tones pull you in but it’s the storytelling verses that makes you want to listen more. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along.

Better get a good vinyl record player. It always sounds better in vinyl.

But here’s Jason Mraz’s version, pretty rad.

3. Think of other ways you can achieve what you want.

Just because you can’t have it now, doesn’t mean you can’t get it later. If you think you can’t live without this “thing” then you better devise a plan to acquire it. Be patient and never give up. If Thomas Edison gave up, we wouldn’t have light bulbs today.

4. Share your frustrations.


Call someone you know you can trust and who will listen to you. Rant. Tell them what you feel. If that seems uncomfortable, you don’t have to talk to someone. Grab your pen, take out a piece of paper and write. Sometimes, we carry so much thoughts in our heads that it weighs us down. Holding on to those feelings of regret, disappointment, resentment and anything negative is a form of self-sabotage. It slows our progress in life. We need to let it out so we can gain momentum and ultimately, move forward.

5. Go dance, run or even jump. Just get up and move.


Maybe it’s because I’m a bit crazy but nothing pumps me up better than putting my EDM playlist and dancing around my room. Science says that dancing engages our senses making us acquire a sense of awareness of our bodies and minds. Also, when you move, you release endorphins and as Elle Woods would say, endorphins make us happy.

(Photos are from Flickr. If you want to see the photographers behind them, don’t hesitate to click the photo and it will take you directly to the original image.)

One more reason to hate hipsters.

Have I ever told you guys how much I hate hipsters? No? Well, let me tell you this story about a girl minding her own business in the streets of Chicago. One wonderful day, with the wind softly blowing and the warm sun shining, you would think that the day would go swimmingly well. But no, a Cary Grant, vintage glasses and oxford wearing impersonator with that perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable suit decided to ride a rundown bike in the intersection fast like he was making sure people don’t start noticing him and deciding that riding a bike during the winter is cool (which it’s not). This of course, results in an accidental foot hit and run which he does not even apologize for, ruining the day of the said girl.

Now with the Lollapalooza single-day tickets selling like hotcakes, I just know fucking hipsters were the reason for the 30 minute wait time before I finally got off the standby page and went on to the ticket page. I’ve never felt more scared that I won’t get tickets. Hipsters should just stay at home. I’ll even lend them my vinyl record player.

That’s it.

(Okay, I have a lot of hipster friends and I do love them.. Until they annoy me and then I just want to cut out all their plaid shirts and give them “not skinny” jeans.)

UMF Survival 101

The one thing that fueled me during my finals week was the thought that after all the hard work, I get to go to Ultra Music Festival and see all my favorite DJs! It did not disappoint. I had so much fun with my Filipino friends. Though I do love my foreign buddies, it’s still a different atmosphere hanging out with your fellow countrymen.

Ultra2013-6 Our three-day adventure started with just me, Annie, Frank and Clarence. Unfortunately, Gavin and Justine were still stuck in reality so they missed half of the awesome first day experience. Preparing for UMF (Ultra Music Festival) was a struggle. As a girl, I always tend to bring more items than needed. Just in case, you know?

Anyways, my guy friends brought Camelbaks which was a saving grace for everyone. It’s a backpack that holds about 80 ounces of water with a long straw coming out from the side. Perfect for long hours in crowds and better than carrying a water bottle. On the other hand, I brought..

UMF13bagcontents(Thanks to my friend, Camie, for the layout inspiration.)

  1. UMF ticket – This is the most important item in your bag. Do not lose it!
  2. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer – These will be your best friends when you want to visit the portable potties. I do not need to tell you how disgusting and dirty that human sized green box is.
  3. Diffraction glasses – You don’t really need these but they give out such a cool effect with the lights that may enhance your Ultra experience.
  4. Gum – For that uncontrollable urge to chew something when hanging out with Molly. *wink*
  5. ID that says you’re over 21 – If you want to buy drinks.. But honestly, their alcohol choices are limited and so expensive, you’re better off without it.
  6. Vaporub – Rub a little on your nose when you go to the restroom and it will mask the bad odor. Also, this will help clear your airway when you feel suffocated around the crowd.
  7. Cash – To buy food, drinks or other stuff you might want.
  8. Lighter and smokes – For friends.. (As a girl, you tend to hold all your guy friends’ stuff. It’s part of the description.)

Before, I used to think that girls in EDM festivals were too scantily dressed. I never understood the concept of wearing bikinis and short shorts. But oh boy, did I find out why. Being in that place was like being in a sauna. Shorts, bikini top or a loose tank with sneakers is the best way to go. Preferably in light colors but not white.

Ultra2013-20Ultra2013-5Don’t forget to bring your flag! We brought our own because we’re so proud to be pinoy. Haha! Filipinos represent!

Ultra2013-22 I realized UMF attendees are some of the most friendliest and interesting people you’ll ever meet. Please go and show some love if you do attend.

Ultra2013-4 Ultra2013-23 Ultra2013-11 Ultra2013-17 Be adventurous but most especially savor the music! That was truly the best thing out of Ultra Music Festival! Cannot wait for next year!

Unless it’s waterproof, mascara runs.

You miss home. Yet, you realize that you made this decision to leave and pursue something you don’t even enjoy. You have to though because you started it. You miss your friends. You miss how you used to hang out every day and talk for hours as if you haven’t talked in a long time. Now, it seems like the time difference creates some sort of barrier between you. It seems that they’ve forgotten you.

You are lonely. You cry every night and no one sees it because deep down, you have to show everyone how happy you are. Between fake smiles and vibrant stories, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. You don’t try to make them see. They wouldn’t understand anyways.

You stay awake every night always thinking how much better it would be to just go home and be with the ones you love. Then again, you don’t want to disappoint anyone. You don’t want anyone to think you’re a quitter so here you are, holding on to whatever strength to have left, trying to go on with life and feeling more alone than ever in a city full of people.

And you can’t do anything about it but cry.