TV’s Best Bromance Relationships

1. Howard and Raj

Howard and Raj

This Jewish and Indian codependent relationship never fails to make us laugh in the TV series, Big Bang Theory, especially on the episode where they test out a french kissing stimulator.

2. Ted, Marshall and Barney

Ted Marshall Barney

Rather than the usual duo, we have these three musketeers. From slap bets, engagements, mystery tales of pineapple, you know their love for each other is real and strong.

3. Ryan and Esposito

Ryan and Esposito

Detective Ryan and Detective Esposito are more than just partners, they’re brothers. It has been tested by death defying cases, women and secrets yet their relationship still remains strongly intact.

4. House and Wilson

House Wilson

A subtle ripoff from the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, House and Wilson still remains my favorite among all the “bromances” in TV. Though the series always portray them with a serious dilemma, they also have their fair share of mischief which adds a fun element to their dynamic. I remember a scruffy looking Wilson and House on motorcycles in the TV show finale. Wilson asked what they will do once the cancer gets bad. House shrugs it off saying, “cancer is boring” perfectly describing their sometimes rocky yet oddly secure bromance.


She said, “I think I’ll go to Boston”.

Don’t you have those days where you just want to get away from your uninteresting life and get lost in the world? You buy a bus ticket, pack your bags and then leave, hoping for an adventure. I was ready to do just that when all my plans came crashing down. I don’t like being disappointed and yet, I learned that it’s an inevitable point in life. I stayed up all night disillusioned, imagining what could have been. It was pathetic but when things don’t go your way, what else can you do?

Well, after all the things I tried last night to get over my frustration, I decided to compile a list.

1. Take out your anger on something not someone.


There’s nothing more polluting in this world than negative energy so don’t throw that into the universe. If you feel sad or angry or even irritated, sometimes squeezing a stress ball helps. I usually just smother my face with a pillow and yell. It works. The good thing is that I let out whatever I’m feeling without hurting anyone in the process.

2. Listen to Billy Joel’s Piano Man and then make love with your tonic and gin.

There’s nothing better than letting yourself get lost in the music with a drink in your hand. What better song to accompany the feeling of vulnerability than a ballad like the “Piano Man”. The carefree tones pull you in but it’s the storytelling verses that makes you want to listen more. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along.

Better get a good vinyl record player. It always sounds better in vinyl.

But here’s Jason Mraz’s version, pretty rad.

3. Think of other ways you can achieve what you want.

Just because you can’t have it now, doesn’t mean you can’t get it later. If you think you can’t live without this “thing” then you better devise a plan to acquire it. Be patient and never give up. If Thomas Edison gave up, we wouldn’t have light bulbs today.

4. Share your frustrations.


Call someone you know you can trust and who will listen to you. Rant. Tell them what you feel. If that seems uncomfortable, you don’t have to talk to someone. Grab your pen, take out a piece of paper and write. Sometimes, we carry so much thoughts in our heads that it weighs us down. Holding on to those feelings of regret, disappointment, resentment and anything negative is a form of self-sabotage. It slows our progress in life. We need to let it out so we can gain momentum and ultimately, move forward.

5. Go dance, run or even jump. Just get up and move.


Maybe it’s because I’m a bit crazy but nothing pumps me up better than putting my EDM playlist and dancing around my room. Science says that dancing engages our senses making us acquire a sense of awareness of our bodies and minds. Also, when you move, you release endorphins and as Elle Woods would say, endorphins make us happy.

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