Photoroll: Goodbye, Winter!

Winter Chicago 2013

Winter Chicago 2013

Winter Chicago 2013

Though Winter has always been picturesque, I’ve never been more happy to see the sun come up everyday. The blues are slowly fading.


Photo of the Week

This week’s photo challenge theme is silhouettes. I took this photo of a man during my vacation in Tokyo. He’s the epitome of a working Japanese man.

Streets of Hong Kong

With every new place I visit, I always try and take photos of certain things I find interesting during my city walk. Here are a couple from Hong Kong.

Around Hong Kong, I discovered these graffiti walls which I think adds character to the city.

These stairs are such a bitch to climb (and yes, I swear like a sailor, no hate.)

I just adore the buildings in Hong Kong! They’re old, dirty, compact and weirdly colorful. I felt like I was in an Asian Kung Fu movie and Jackie Chan was just going to jump out of a building and do some crazy stunts.

Asian souvenirs are the best and this stall near one of the temples (I forgot which one) is a good place to buy from. You’ll find really nice postcards, posters, Buddha beads and other things you might want to give out to your friends.

Life, as shown in trains and stations.

Life in the train may seem boring yet if you look closely, each individual presents a certain story. The young man texting his girl friend, “I love you.” A couple of school girls giggling, on their way to Disneyland. The old man tired from work and is catching up on some needed sleep. Everyday, simple occurrences happen in the train that seems ordinary but presents a huge inspiration for someone like myself.

I have always been fascinated with the railway system in Tokyo. Everyday, thousands upon thousand upon people use this type of public transportation. A train in Tokyo is always on time. If there is such a time where a train will be late, there will always be a late slip given to the passengers upon exiting the station. Convenient and ingenious.

Photo of the Week


During my trip to Baguio, I decided to visit the Bell Church located along the road leading to Benguet. Before going inside, I saw this family on the way to the market to sell meat. I think most people would say that this is a very provincial thing to do. It’s not a good example of “urban”. However, who’s to say this isn’t the norm in their city? Urban is after all just the characteristics of a city.