You accept the love you think you deserve.

What compels a woman to settle with someone who does not even make them happy? Why do we constantly chase men who are not even that interesting? Is it really because we accept the love we think we deserve?

Early this morning, I was skyping with my friend, Tash. We were both ranting about the guys we like and how they weren’t giving us the attention we wanted. Over the past few weeks, we started developing underhanded ways like changing our profile photos, giving them gifts and even posting photos of us with other guys to try to make them jealous. All of these effort just so they notice us! We were acting crazy! It was only today that we realize how pathetic it was. Why are we running after them when they should run after us!

It was this enlightening conversation that made me believe that I deserve so much better than what I am receiving now. I know what I want now in my life. He is not that guy. It’s time I stop doing stuff that is detrimental to my self-esteem and start working on being the girl who gets what she deserves! I feel empowered at this moment. Being confident about one’s self is truly rewarding.

So for all those girls who keep on giving, stop. For all those girls who keep on chasing, stop. Anything you chase in life runs away and every time you give your all, you deal him with your best card. There wouldn’t be anything left to appreciate. Let us all stop devaluing ourselves and start loving us more than we love them. Confidence is key.

Like what those girls in the sex and city movie sang, “I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman.”

We accept the love we think we deserve. It’s time we start thinking how we deserve the BEST that life has to offer!